Month: November 2014

Another -l- infixing word in the Jin Dialect

jin dialectThe Jin Dialect of Chinese, which is spoken in Shanxi and the adjacent areas in Hebei and Inner Mongolia, is a very unique dialect in the northern group. Some scholars believe that the Jin Dialect could be separated from the other northern dialects and form a single dialect group.

One of the interesting morphological devices in the Jin Dialect is some kind of -l- infixing. In such words, there is an alternative form with an -l- between the initial and the rime, and this is generally in addition to the usual form which can also be found in other northern dialects. For example:

巷 hàng (IPA: xaŋ) ~ xəlaŋ 擺 bǎi (IPA: paɪ) ~ pəlaɪ

These -l- infixing words are also used to support the existence of consonant clusters in Old Chinese, or Proto-Chinese, Read more… »