Non-standard IPA symbols in Chinese linguistics

Some of the symbols used in Chinese linguistics are quite hard to find, so here I have collected some non-standard IPA symbols for these.

  • The alveolo-palatal stops and liquid舌面前塞音和边音: ȡ     ȶ       ȵ       ȴ
  • The apical vowels舌尖元音: ɿ    ʅ     ʮ     ʯ
  • The low central vowel 低央元音: ᴀ

You can find a list of non-standard IPA symbols including the ones listed above on wikipedia at here.

If you need any one of these symbols, you can simply copy and paste.

Alternatively, before I found these symbols on line, I also made some pictures  of the alveolo-palatal stops. I have attached them here as well.


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