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Semantics of Chinese Questions: An Interface Approach. In the Routledge Studies in Chinese Linguistics series. Routledge 2019, New York, NY and Abingdon, UK

Semantics of Chinese Questions: An Interface Approach, by Hongyuan Dong

Semantics of Chinese Questions: An Interface Approach is the first major study of Chinese questions, especially wh-questions, within the framework of Alternative Semantics. It takes an interface approach to study the syntax, semantics and phonology of questions and proposes a phonological scope-marking strategy in Chinese questions, based upon experimental data. It also incorporates historical linguistic data regarding the grammaticalization of sentence-final particles such as –ne and –ma to study the formal diachronic semantics of questions. Primarily suitable for scholars in the field of Chinese linguistics, this book makes new theoretical contributions to the study of questions.

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